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We make a large range custom stylus pens for all smartphones, tablets and laptops. Every style of stylus pen you could want, we make. All custom made stylus pens with your logo or custom design. 
We make custom stylus pens for thousands of businesses and schools all over the world.
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Smart phones and tablets make it possible to get work done on the go, but many people struggle to type accurately on them. The touch screen keyboards of even large-sized tablets can be difficult to use, leaving many people wasting time correcting typos and reentering text again and again. Custom stylus pens help to solve this problem by ensuring precise typing. Giving away logo stylus pens at an event will offer something useful to prospects that you meet, and the printed stylus pens will continually remind the recipients of your company.

Custom stylus pens are an affordable option for promotional giveaways, and they take up much less space than other types of mobile phone accessories, conserving room in crowded exhibits and booths. While logo stylus pens are easy to store and display like writing pens, they have much greater value than traditional ink pens because they can be used with mobile devices. Our printed stylus pens are of the best quality with tips that make it easy to select items on touch screens and that greatly simplify typing.

When you choose to order custom stylus pens from us, you'll enjoy free customization with the artwork or logo of your choosing. Our logo stylus pens are offered in a range of colors and styles with options that will appeal to all target markets and complement all logo designs. Like all of our mobile device accessories, our printed stylus pens are available with bulk discount pricing to make your purchase as affordable as possible.


When you give away items at a promotional event, you're not just doing it to be friendly! You're striving to promote your brand, build relationships with prospects and provide them with something to remind them of you. Mobile device accessories are a smart choice for companies that want to maximize their return on investment, and there are solutions available that can suit any budget. Custom stylus pens are one of the most economical options among mobile device accessories and can help you maximize your return on investment in promotional items.


What Are Stylus Pens?


Logo stylus pens are mobile device accessories that make it easier to use the touch screens on smartphones, tablets and other devices. Many people find it difficult to make precise selections on those small screens, and all of the tapping can leave devices covered with fingerprints. Stylus pens solve these problems. The pens feature specially designed tips that register just like the touch of a finger when pressed against the screen. The shapes of the tips on custom stylus pens allow for easier control so that users can type and tap without making errors. Plus, the tips of logo stylus pens don't mark screens, decreasing the need for frequent cleaning.


The Many Benefits of Custom Stylus Pens for Giveaways


There are many reasons why custom stylus pens are great choices for promotional giveaways. The stylus pens that we carry can be used with all types of devices, so you don't have to worry about purchasing many different types of promotional products to provide something useful to everyone that you meet at an event. Nearly everyone can benefit from using a stylus pen, and most people don't already own stylus pens of their own. Once they see how much easier the stylus makes using their devices, they'll be reaching for their custom stylus pens frequently. This means that they'll see your logo often, and you'll stay fresh in their minds. Plus, you'll have solved a problem for them by giving them styluses, so you're sure to make a great first impression on prospects.


Styles of Stylus Pens


You can purchase logo stylus pens in a variety of styles to complement your logo and promote your company. Some custom stylus pens double as writing pens, providing double the benefits for users. Some stylus pens have twist tops like writing pens, while others are very small in size for easy carrying. Logo stylus pens are offered in a rainbow of colors with options to match every company's colors.


Customize Your Logo Stylus Pens


When you purchase custom stylus pens from Custom Logo Cases, you'll never have to pay to have your logo added to the design that you choose. We can even design a logo for you at no extra charge. If you already have a logo, our graphic design team will optimize it to make sure that it shows up great on the stylus pens that you choose. Some logo stylus pens can be customized in more than one spot, while others have a single place for adding artwork or a logo.



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